Family photography

        In a sense of the words "family photography", we offer you several kinds photo sessions. Starting from photographs newborns, the birthday session (especially recommended first birthday), portrait sessions of your little ones and sessions of the entire family. At your request we make albums or photobooks being souvenir of a lifetime!

We can do for you outdoor sessions and studio or home session.



NEWBORN PHOTO SESSION ... unforgettable souvenir of your little baby. We are doing this kind of photo in the customer's home, because there the mother and baby are feel very safely and comfortably. We do not use studio lighting and flash, we try to make the most of natural lighting condition. Our professional camera and lenses can work in every light condition! The cost of this session is 150 pounds plus cost of travel to customer. You receive approx. 30 carefully selected and treated images on DVD in 2 formats. In addition, you will receive 5 printed photos in 15x21cm format. On request we can make album or photobook for you!


PREGNANCY PHOTOGRAPHY - Sessions of the "belly" ... very popular in last time photos of pregnant women. An unforgettable keepsake for mom and dad. We do outdoor sessions or study. Price aprox. 2-hour of the session is 150 pounds. The price will get you around 30 carefully selected and treated images on a CD in two formats, and 5 printed photos in 15x21cm format.


Birthday session ... of course they are carried out of the venue of the event. Additionally, you can arrange a mini photo session or at the event. Our photographer captures memorable moments playing with kids and make that they will have a great keepsake for the future. The price of the session depends on the number of pictures taken and spent time at the party.


Family Sessions ... the perfect gift for your family especially for grandparents. As in previous offers, within 2 hours of the session or studio you will get around 30 carefully selected and treated images on a CD in two formats, and 5 print photographs in 15x21cm format. All this for the price of only 150 pounds!